International researchers determine that lard is beneficial for the kidney

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A team of international reserachers, coordinated by scientists at the University of Cordoba, Spain (UCO) found that pork lard is beneficial for the kidney in low calorie diets. This was concluded by proving the existence of new healthy properties of this source of fat in rats.

According to the UCO report, a low calorie diet where the fat comes from pork lard presents greater benefits to the kidneys than the same diet with soy oil or fish oil.

This is the main conclusion of the experiment carried out on rats and is a step forward in the identification of healthy properties that oleic acid in pork lard can have in the human body.

The investigative team, coordinated by the Department of Cellular Biology, Physiology and Immunology at the UCO, included scientists at the Andalusia Center for Developmental Biology (University Pablo de Olavide-CSIC), the University of California at Davis’ National Institute on Aging, and the National Institutes of Health at Baltimore.